Thursday, November 22, 2012

New SAFTAD committee to promote industry

John Pledger, president of SAFTAD
The SAFTAD (SA Fishing Tackle Agents and Distributors) committee was enlarged to enable members to grow membership,  next year’s trade show and also to play a bigger role in promoting sustainable fishing through a new recreational angling body SACRAA (South African Consolidated Recreational Angling Association).

Several plans were proposed to grow the 2013 SAFTAD trade show. 

One of them is to fly coastal retailers up to Gauteng and accommodate them in some of the 80 rooms on the show premises, instead of having regional shows.

Over the past few years regional shows held in coastal areas after the SAFTAD Show have become a regular fixture. Some SAFTAD exhibitors also expressed concern about some bigger companies showing their ranges to key retailers before the show. 

Pledger is a strong proponent of only one big show for the tackle trade, and is in favour of attracting the whole tackle retail trade to the official Johannesburg show.

”We should have one major show like they have overseas, instead of satellite shows,” he says.
SAFTAD will also be collaborating with like-minded organisations active in the industry so that everybody can speak out on issues with a united voice, says Pledger. 

It has become a member of MIASA — the Marine Industry Association of SA, representing the Boating Association.

Mark Pledger will represent SAFTAD on SACRAA, founded  to give all who benefit from angling  a voice — whether tackle or outdoor retailers, fishermen, petrol stations, hotels, grocery stores, distributors, etc.

One of the aims of the organisation will be to promote marine conservation — which is essential for the survival of the tackle industry. MIASA will also be represented on SACRAA.

 Three new members were elected to the SAFTAD committee: Barry Wareham of Basil Manning and the product developer for iFish Tackle Wholesalers; Gareth Adams, who bought Stealth Fly Fishing a year ago, and Philip Baker of Akals.

They will assist re-elected committee members Mary-Ann Hodgskin (secretary), Howard Joscelyn of Apex Walker brands, Mark Pledger of Rapala VMC, Abdullah Mia of Mias Wholesale and Mohammed Hoosain of Sensational Angling Supplies.

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