Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Balance’s Anton Krupicka talks about Minimus

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The American minimalist mountain trail runner Anton Krupicka, sponsored by New Balance, is visiting South Africa to compete in the Otter African Trail run, presented by Hi-Tec and GU, that will commence on Saturday 13 October.

Anton Krupicka talking at The Sports Science Institute of SA
Krupicka, who has won the Leadville 100miler twice, the Miwok 100K and the Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler to name a few, has been giving fascinating presentations about minimalist footwear (such as the New Balance Minimus range) and trail running inspired by speed alpinists in Cape Town at Sportsmans Warehouse and the Sports Science Institute. 

Anton Krupicka
Krupicka, who derives his inspiration from mountaineering greats such as Herb Elliot, Reinhold Messner and Ueli Steck, aspires to run as light and fast as possible. He shares many of the philosophies that purist mountaineering legends share and adapts it to his running style. 

Anton Krupicka (left) is pictured with the New Balance SA team
Krupicka’s training ground is the Colorado Boulder mountain, one of the best mountaineering locations in the world. He has worked closely with New Balance whilst designing their minimalist footwear range, New Balance Minimus, and says he would continue bringing out new minimalist ranges with the brand in the near future.  

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