Friday, August 15, 2014

Strapless HRM from TomTom tested

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TomTom recently launched their Runner Cardio GPS sport watch at the Protea Fire and Ice hotel in Cape Town, where the watch, with an innovative built-in heart rate monitor (HRM), was put to the test. The device’s built-in HRM eliminates the need for a separate chest strap to monitor an athlete’s heart.

Workout: Guests sweating with their Runner Cardio watches on their wrists

Sweat one on one: Glen Gore (with black t-shirt) amongst visitors who kept calm throughout the exercise session.

Among the invited testers was former professional triathlete Glen Gore and WP road and track athlete Ulrica Stander, who led the testers in a treadmill workout from the podium.  

Fitness: Ulrica Stander keeping the heart rates up while conducting a workout routine.

Professional coach John Hamlett checked their progress through monitoring their heart rates on the watches, checking how good, or not so good, they were performing according to Stander’s instructions.

Coach: John Hamlett making sure that everyone hast their Runner Cardio watches working properly before the workout.

“We know that heart rate monitoring is the single most accurate way to understand how the body is responding to exercise,” said Daan Hendrickx, country manager of TomTom Southern Africa, adding that TomTom is once again making innovative technology accessible to everyone. “Now, with the launch of the Runner Cardio, all runners can easily use heart rate training to improve their performance.” 

Performance improvement: Daan Hendrickx introducing the watch and sharing its features with the guests.

It offers runners an option of selecting from one to five intensity zones (sprint, speed, endure, fat burn and easy) to train in their optimal heart rate zone. It alerts runners whether they need to speed up or slow down. The watch allows runners to see distance, pace and other essential running information at a glance, while busy running.

A Mio optical sensor ensures that the device accurately measures the heart rate – it monitors changes in blood flow by shining a light through the skin.  

Runner Cardio: The Runner Cardio watch, featuring a number of functions.

Other features include an extra-large, high resolution, super-tough display, full screen graphics, one button control to aid navigation through the menus, an indoor tracker with built-in sensors to count strides and monitor pace even on a treadmill, and a long-lasting battery, to name a few. The ultra-slim design of the lightweight runners’ watch comfortably fits all wrists and the latest GPS technology helps the runner to find the precise location. The Bluetooth-smart watch helps the runner to sync and share data on several different platforms.

Apart from the TomTom Runner Cardio, there is a Multi-Sport Cardio watch, and the top end Multi-Sport Cardio Bundle, which features an altimeter, cadence and HRM.

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