Thursday, November 22, 2012

New products from W.E.T. Sports Importers

Patrick Benade, Andrew Wentzel and Andrew Banhidy of W.E.T. Sports Importers.

W.E.T. Sports Importers introduced various new offerings across their brands on their busy stand at this years SAFTAD show.

Their fishing range has been expanded to include a new double-sided utility box with curved sections for lures.

They have also introduced a full range of new hook boxes, suitable for all applications and price points. This range includes a new worm box with breathing holes to keep your bait fresh.

They also showed two new tackle boxes. One has three tiers that are especially useful for freshwater anglers — their soft baits, hooks, baits, even lures, etc. go in the bottom three trays, while a reel and even a telescopic rod can fit in the top section. It also has a handy shoulder strap for carrying included.

The new Prohunter tackle box will be available in one, two and three tray options and has either a orange, yellow or white lid as per your requirement.

Staying with Pro Hunter, they have brought in their baitkeeper (size 1–6/0) and suicide (size 1–8/0) hooks in a red finish.

One of the highlights of their stand was the new Asari Salty blade lure in 20gm and 30gm, which has three adjustable sections that allows it to dive to different depths, depending on the setting you adopt. They come with Owner hooks and also feature a feather tail, which is popular for the tiger market.

Another product that generated plenty of interest was the new Wake soft spoon that is available in two sizes: 10cm and 15cm. The spoon has a nifty feature: it can change skins. 

If the fisherman finds that the skin he is using is not effective in the conditions, simply pop it out and pull another one over.

From the LAV stable, WET Sports have introduced the new Inox spinners range that has a duo blade in silver and red flash. They have also consolidated the spoon range and have made sure that they have good stocks on the single and duo spoons in the most popular colours.

Mustad’s new Chinu hook available in size 1, 2 and 4 for freshwater anglers, was also very well received.

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