Thursday, November 6, 2014

Adidas SA celebrates their second annual Tracksuit Day

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This year adidas SA celebrated their second annual Tracksuit Day on 4 November. The event was hosted across the globe by adidas offices and celebrated the birth of Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler, the founder of the brand, who was born on 3 November 1900.
Adidas SA Public Relations manager, Gugu Ntuli, proudly sporting her National Tracksuit Day sticker.
The adidas SA team again held a fitness class, headed by physiotherapist Wessel Coetzee and adidas’ tech reps, for employees in their staff canteen. The superset class required staff to do cardiovascular exercises such as push-ups, lunges, planking, etc.
Lunge exercise proved to be an easy task for some.
“All adidas offices across the world are doing something today,” Gugu Ntuli, adidas SA Public Relations Manager welcomed her colleagues. “We got the staff together  for a bit of a workout and to have some cake.”
Gugu Ntuli, Wessel Coetzee and Tamaryn Daya, adidas SA’s communications specialist, all took part in the fun-filled event.
Employees could try out some of the brand’s latest shoes during the workout to get an idea of what they like about it and to establish their correct style, fit and size to ensure peace of mind when deciding on purchases, said Geoff Batcheller-Adams, adidas SA’s technical team supervisor. It also gave staff members the chance to get involved and gain insight into what the adidas products are about. After wear-testing the product, staff members will be able to spread the news about the great features of the shoes via word of mouth, he explained.
Geoff Batcheller-Adams (middle), adidas SA’s technical team supervisor, ran point on most of the exercises.
At the end of the day adidas collected the trendy trainers the staff wear-tested to be donated to one of the charity organisations that adidas partners with.
An exercise moved called the Mohammed Ali seemed to quickly turn into a dance move.
Staff  members who participated were rewarded with gifts such as spa vouchers and wine farm getaways that were purchased using the cash collected from their National Tracksuit Day sticker sales.
Some staff members won getaways and spa vouchers.
The stickers were sold for R5 and the proceeds were used to promote staff wellbeing.  “This event was really about the adidas SA staff so that they could celebrate the birth of their brand’s founder, said Ntuli.
All participants could wind down with a cupcake at the end of the exercise session.

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