Thursday, October 27, 2011

Excitement over GoPro HD Hero2

Rudolf Zuidema, marketing manager for Omnico, Max Cluer of Max Cluer Sports
Marketing and Dewald de Jager, brand manager for GoPro in SA is pictured here

GoPro held a worldwide launch of their new HD Hero2 for 2012 on the 24th of October. Local distributors Omnico hosted the event in Cape Town at the Radison Blu Hotel in Greenpoint. Thanks to the YouTube video of pro cyclist Evan van der Spuy (aka Buck Norris) being “taken out” by a red hartebeest, just about every South African have now heard about GoPro and interest in the action camera is therefore high.

The GoPro-filmed video (click here to watch) was uploaded on the 10th of October and already reached 11, 335, 110 views in the beginning of this week (24 October, 2011). This makes it the fastest growing YouTube video and 3rd most-watched sports video on YouTube. A week after the buck incident Max Cluer Sports Marketing uploaded an “aftermath” clip with interviews with van der Spuy, his friend who filmed the incident, and the medic who was first on the scene (click here to watch).  Excitement over the small-sized high quality waterproof camera doesn’t stop there. 

The latest GoPro HD Hero2, which will be available in retail in February 2012, promises a 2x sharper glass lens, better low light performance, higher megapixels (HD Hero2: 11MP vs HD Hero: 5MP), narrower field of view (170 degree wide and 127 degree medium and 90 degree narrow),  better slow motion performance (48FPS at 960p resolution and 120FPS at 840x480 resolution) and LED recording lights on all 4 sides of the camera. The HD Hero2 will replace the HD Hero, which will be discontinued.



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