Friday, August 5, 2011

Visit to Trappers, Upington

Clothing and footwear is indeed a big market, confirms Trappers manager Nico Visser, who is upbeat about business prospects and opportunities.

“There is also always the guy that walks in, looking for a nice shirt. We are quite a fit lot here in Upington, so there’s plenty of interest in running,” he explains their display of Salomon running shoes. Camo clothes for hunting is also a popular item among their customers, half of whom would be locals, about 30% tourists and about 20% from outlying towns.
The familiar Trappers logo and store layout helps draw visitors who know what to expect. While they benefit from the buying strength of the franchise group, which offers them many special deals, they are free to source their own products and ranges that suit the preferences of their customers.

A poster advertising a paintball event on the door is testimony to just one of the many such opportunities identified, with interest in this sport growing since a second field opened in the area.

Always looking at new opportunities for growth, Visser subscribes to the philosophy that the business cake is indeed getting bigger. Especially in an area where there are customers with special interests that nobody currently caters for.

Nico Visser, manager of Trappers in Upington


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