Friday, August 19, 2011

New outdoor accessories from Coghlan’s

Rob Coghlan from the camping gear innovators Coghlan’s introduced their latest outdoor accessories for 2012 at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen, which will be available in SA from Eiger Equipment:

*Their newest trail compass has a more fashionable design and can be attached to a backpack;

* They designed a pop-up trash can that folds down for easy storage and pops back up so that you can put the garbage bag in and zip the lid closed;

*An 18.9L water container collapses to a flat surface for easy packing and storage;

* A compact and lightweight double hammock can hold two people comfortably;

* Wooden safety matches hold 250 matches per box and two boxes per pack;

* The smores grill is ideal for the American fireside snack of a cracker with marshmallow and chocolate melted over the fire;

* Their survival horn can be heard over long distances, with a volume that reaches up to 120decibels.

Coghlan’s also introduced a palm-sized dynamo hand powered light that can be wound for a minute to provide 30mins of bright LED light;

A popular camp-fire treat, popcorn, can be made easily and without a mess in the Coghlan’s corn-popper, a light-weight, compact, hand-held pan with a lid that can be held over the camp-fire to make popcorn.

Their polypropylene dinnerware sets that can be squashed into a backpack are also big sellers.    

Rob Coghlan (left) and Dawn Hayes of Coghlan's Limited

The Coghlan's stand at the OutDoor Friedrichshafen show

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