Friday, August 19, 2011

New launches from Black Diamond

Black Diamond, locally distributed by Ram Mountaineering, introduced several innovative products at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen. Their Gizmo, Cosmo and Moxie headlamps now feature two surface LEDs, explained Joel Lee, International Accounts Manager. Their proximity settings, designed to be used around camp etc, have an output of 24-35 lumens. The Spot headlamp, with an output of 75 – 90 lumens, is the no.1 selling headlamp in the US because of its new LED technology.
The Icon headlamp, which is good enough to be used for safety and rescue purposes as it has an output of up to 200 lumens in a 100m range, will be launched in retail in January 2012.

Black Diamond’s headlamps allow the wearer to access red LED’s, specifically designed for night vision, without toggling through white light, which destroys night vision. Once the red night vision mode has been selected the headlamp can be switched off and will return to the night vision setting once it is switched on again. Their range of trekking poles, the Trail Backers, have the 3-piece aluminium flick-lock system with a rubber grip.

The Trail trekking poles feature moulded foam grips for the right and left hand. The Trail Shock pole has a shock absorbing function with a softer bottom section, stiffer top section and stiffest middle section.

The women’s Trail and Trail Shock poles, which are new additions to the range, have a narrow grip and extra padding on the grip. The Black Diamond Magneton carabiners, said to change the way carabiners are designed in the future, lock and close by using the powers of magnetic attraction. They were launched internationally in July 2011. 

The Black Diamond stand at OutDoor Friedrichshafen

Black Diamond SA team Ryan van Niekerk (left) and Blake Tucker (right) with Joel Lee, international accounts manager.

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