Monday, June 20, 2011

Sports Trader in the Northern Cape

After the good rains of the past few days the veld is green and welcoming. Like the people of Namaqualand, where everybody is friendly and hospitable. Even the traffic cops are friendly - and polite.

Here and there splotches of purple and yellow reveal precocious flowers lulled into early bloom by the bountiful winter rains. It is going to be an excellent year, the people predict – referring to the spectacle that awaits flower tourists in spring, but also anticipating the resulting tourism boom.  

The reflection of the sun on the wet mountains looks like snow in the distance. 
The Northern Cape is the poorest, least populated and most remote area of the country.  But even in these tough trading conditions, independent retailers selling sport and outdoor equipment make a living. Despite an Agri Mark, Midas, China Shop and several other chain stores in just about every town, reports that the independent sport and outdoor retailer is dead, are vastly exaggerated, to paraphrase Mark Twain. 


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